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Hey everyone, V here. This episode you’re about to hear is a very special one, because it is both a beginning and an ending. This was recorded back in May of 2017, and was our test episode for Fuzzy Logic, the very first thing we ever recorded. It’s also the last episode of Fuzzy Logic. I cannot express just how incredible it was to get to make this show with so many people I care about. I personally learned a lot and this grew into something very important to me over the years, but it was time for this chapter to come to a close. We wanted to thank you so much for your support throughout our run, it was truly incredible laughing and pondering with all you folks. Thank you. With all that said, please enjoy season 0 episode 0, The Lost Episode.

Fuzzy Logic was created by V Silverman, Ben Stern, and Andrew Prensky, edited by V Silverman and Ben Stern, and the intro music was Laid Back by Antti Luode. Huge thanks to Edward Rosini and TH Ponders for continued support throughout the entire process, and for guest hosting along with Bex Taylor-Klaus, Leigh Pfeffer, Julia Schifini, James Oliva, Xanthe Paige, Paxton Crystal, Matt Shachat, and Alan, Lorraine, and Elliot Silverman. Thank you to the Podcast Problems Discord server for your community and support, and thank you to Maren, Jason, Aslam, Hal, Andrew, Matt, Ponders, and Hz of the Heart for your support on Patreon, which we’ll be shutting down later this week. And thank you to you, our listeners. Thank you. Now go out and learn something new.

As always, we're @FuzzyLogicPod on most social media sites if you want to say goodbye.

<3 Andrew, Ben, and V

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