Ep 193 - Task Blocking


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In this special episode of Game Changers, you go 1-on-1 with Michael LeJeune to talk about Task Blocking. Each time I share how many projects I'm working on with folks, the reaction is always the same. When do you sleep? Trust me, I get plenty of sleep. My secret to productivity and time management is actually very simple. I use a process that I call Task Blocking. Everything that I work on becomes a "project" with "tasks" and those tasks go on my calendar. In this podcast, I break down how I use task blocking to manage over a dozen new projects at any given time. ----- Federal Access is helping Government Contractors win more contracts. It can help you too. Here's a special offer. Visit https://federal-access.com/gamechangers today and get started for just $29. *You are going to get access to a digital copy of the Government Sales Manual. * Over 85 strategy videos * More than 30 webinars * 300 documents and templates AND * SME support. So when you run into an issue, you can email me directly for help. Go check out this special offer today at https://federal-access.com/gamechangers

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