Marathon Not A Sprint, ArtStation Is Key, Seizing Opportunities, Virtual Boy, Paying It Forward, Working In Mexico, Personal Projects, and My Origin Story with Glenn De Leon Garza


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I welcome Glenn De Leon Garza, a talented 3D artist on this episode. We begin by talking about the impact of COVID in Mexico, along with his responsibilities now as an art director. Then hear about his transition from being a 3D artist into an art director and management role, plus his thoughts on giving good direction.

We then transition to getting his first job as a 3D artist, the challenges of working in the industry from Mexico, and differences in salaries with the U.S. Hear what his first years were like as a new artist and his secret for getting better.

Learn what Glenn wishes he’d known when starting in the industry, advice he gives new artists, and needing to understand your weaknesses. Hear about the importance of finding a mentor and his secret to attracting people to his portfolio. We then discuss the importance of ArtStation, always having your portfolio ready, and advice on progressing through personal projects.

Learn Glenn’s thoughts on managing others, his favorite two projects to work on, and excitement around this new generation of PlayStation and XBox hardware when it’s truly next gen. We then discuss concerns around too many sequels, thoughts around VR, plus Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy.

Towards the end we examine the different communication styles with Eastern European developers, his current favorite game and the upcoming one he’s excited about. Then Glenn turns the table and interviews me about what I’m playing, working on Mortal Kombat, and how I got my start in the game industry. After being interviewed we wrap up with how to get in contact with him, along with his one piece of parting advice to others.


Glenn De Leon Garza is a talented 3D artist heading up creative teams that have developed games including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Borderlands 3, Friday the Thirteenth: The Game and The Sims. He’s currently working from his home in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and welcomes other artists to reach out since he’s passionate about helping others level up their skills and finding their way in the industry.

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