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On this episode, we welcome guest Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. We start by discussing Chris’s take on the effects of coronavirus, his new role at Xsolla, and how he got started in the game industry, offering insight into what he wishes he had known at the beginning. He then shares valuable advice for people entering the industry and for people trying to advance their careers in Design or Production – hint: bootstrapping your way in and learning emotional intelligence can help.

Chris divulges a few of his favorite games he’s worked on and what he’s excited about, including the evolution of cross-platform play and games becoming their own social platforms. We discuss some potential threats to the game industry and share candid thoughts on AR/VR/MR technology. Some funny stories are shared, a few including odd pets, and Chris talks about his current game of choice keeping him up. The episode wraps up with an overview of Xsolla’s platform, along with some more powerful advice for people currently working in the game industry.

“I wish I had known that sometimes there’s more power, not power in a control sense, but there’s more power in being able to move things forward by listening than there is by telling.” - Chris Hewish

Chris Hewish is a multifaceted leader who's worked in both the developer and publisher sides of the business; having been directly involved in designing or producing over 50 Console, PC, Mobile, and VR games. His unique skill-set combines the design and production skills of a developer, with the business and strategic acumen of a publisher; all supported by a servant leader mentality. He’s managed individual game teams, operated multi-game studios, and run worldwide interactive business units at companies like Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Survios, and Skydance Interactive. He loves creating concepts, building prototypes, establishing roadmaps, managing production, owning P&L’s, and being a strategic thinking vision holder who brings the best out of the teams he works with.

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Discussion Details:

[01:02] Introducing Chris Hewish

[01:30] Dealing with COVID-19 both personally and professionally

[04:08] Chris’s new role as President at Xsolla

[05:19] How he got started in the industry

[11:15] What do you wish you had known when you started?

[14:48] Advice for someone looking for their first job in the industry

[18:41] Advice for someone trying to advance their career in Design or Production

[26:02] Chris’s favorite games to work on

[28:38] What Chris is excited about

[34:18] Potential threats to the gaming industry

[38:08] Thoughts on VR/AR/MR technology

[41:13] Some funny stories including one with a pet spider

[49:02] Games Chris plays now

[50:14] Some details about Xsolla

[54:45] Best piece of advice for people working in the industry right now

[57:12] Outro

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