Working at Epic Games, Avoiding Crunch, Tony Hawk, Better Health, Metallica, The Rookies, Montreal, and Midway Games Floods with Justin Mohlman


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Justin Mohlman has many skills and projects. With over 17 years in the industry, he’s a seasoned game developer currently working as a Game Development Producer at Epic Games. Hear about his many positions ranging from art instructor, co-owner of a tattoo shop, to managing the social media of Metallica’s bassist. Learn how he got his start in the industry, his projects at Epic Games, Heavy Metal magazine, some advice for current 3D artists, and his favorite projects, like Tony Hawk and Mortal Kombat. Hosted by John ‘JP’ Podlasek (See for in-depth show notes and links.)

In This Episode We Discuss:

[01:03] Introductions

[01:13] Justin’s current projects at Epic Games

[03:30] Artist career paths and Epic’s goal

[05:46] Justin’s teaching roles

[06:49] Code of conduct at the tattoo shop

[07:14] Creative Director at The Rookies

[11:46] Contributing Editor at Heavy Metal

[12:59] Managing Robert Trujillo of Metallica’s social media

[14:44] Finding a way to visually problem solve

[15:28] Justin’s photography ventures

[16:57] How Justin got started in game development

[27:09] Advice for 3D Artists working in the field now

[32:18] Justin’s favorite projects

[36:03] What he’s curious in the game industry

[39:40] Possible threats to the game industry

[42:31] Funny game industry story

[45:40] Games he’s excited about

[47:27] Finding Justin online


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