Death's Door, Mini Motorways, Evolution: Climate and an Interview with Scott Miller and Michael Carroll about Below the Stone


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Welcome back to another jammed packed episode of GamerHeads! This week the crew has a lot of games to discuss including Death's Door, Red Colony 2, Mini Motorways, SuchArt, Evolution: Climate, and more!
But before they get into the games that they are playing, the crew answers the questions: What game would you recommend that you think nobody else has played? Have you played any of the games that were on the list?
And then in the second half the of the show, Roger sits down with Michael Carroll from Strollart and Scott Miller from Apogee Entertainment to discuss the game Below the Stone, a game that was featured at this year's PAX East. Check out the links below to support Below the Stone!
0:19 - Intro
5:00 - Ice Breaker: What game would you recommend that you think nobody else has played?
21:30 - Destiny 2
22:40 - Karrington beats Phil in PGA Gold 2k21
23:20 - Star Wars: Old Republic
24:20 - Death’s Door
30:25 - Red Colony 2
36:00 - Olli Olli
36:20 - Sniper
38:15 - Mini Motorways
43:00 - SuchArt
46:50 - Evolution: Climate
50:40 - Mike Reads From the eShop: Mind Maze
1:05:10 - Interview with Scott Miller and Michael Carroll - Below the Stone
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