S02 Episode 9: Practical, useful & pretty. With Katie Rushworth


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A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing. These notes may contain affiliate links. Garden soundtrack Birdsong, and gardening in the new normal. Gardening in one place over time. Reading 04:00 Extract from The Garden Log Podcast, episode 74, read by the host, Ben Dark. https://thegardenlog.libsyn.com/ Interview with the Katie Rushworth 05:51 06:21 Not the only Yorkshire-born gardener on the telly… 07:00 Katie’s experience of nature and plants growing up 09:29 Chomping for wood! 10:12 The place of the Yorkshire landscape in Katie’s garden design work 11:44 Gardening is about a feeling 12:43 Before gardening… 16:32 Juggling gardening, TV schedules and being a mum 17:43 Transferrable skills – an appreciation of colour, shape, form and texture 19:11 Garden coaching and mentoring 26:35 Domestic gardens 27:21 Practical, useful & pretty 30:42 The biggest obstacles people face in their gardens 32:54 Plants – just pretty window dressing, or more than fluff? 36:25 Productively using our time in the garden *** Thank you to Katie for joining me on this episode. Katie’s book Plants, Beds & Borders is available here https://amzn.to/3ayCySE Katie's website: http://katierushworth.com/ Katie on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofspades00/ I’m ever grateful to all my listeners for your continued support and reviews, I really do appreciate them. You can support the podcast by buying its producer a virtual cup of coffee for three quid, at https://ko-fi.com/andrewtimothyOB. Proceeds will go towards equipment, software and the monthly podcast hosting fees. Lockdown discounts: A year of garden coaching I’ve been very excited about my new venture – even before the lockdown I’d decided that online garden coaching would be a fantastic way for me to work with more people than I can physically get around to, helping them to make the very best of their gardens in a way that suits the life they lead. With the all the uncertainty around our lives just now I’m holding the the introductory price for the full 12 month programme as well as offering a quarterly payment plan, and there’s 50% off an hour’s Skype consultation call. https://www.gardensweedsandwords.com/garden-coaching website: gardensweedsandwords.com email: gardensweedsandwords@gmail.com Instagram: instagram.com/AndrewTimothyOB Twitter: twitter.com/AndrewTimothyOB

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