Episode 49: Vinh Phu Pham, PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature, Cornell University


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In this week's episode of the Gatty Lecture Rewind, Michael sits down with Vinh Pham, a PhD Candidate at Cornell University, to discuss Vinh's dissertation and work on the future of Vietnamese Francophone literature. Vinh will give a lecture at Cornell University on May 13, 2021, titled "Configuring the Future in Vietnamese Francophone: Readings of Marguerite Duras, Pham Duy Khiêm, and Kim Lefèvre." To register for that lecture, visit: https://events.cornell.edu/event/configuring_the_future_in_vietnamese_francophone_readings_of_marguerite_duras_pham_duy_khiem_and_kim_lefevre. The book that Vinh mentions on the podcast is titled: Riz Noir by Anna Moï

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