GDPR Weekly Show Episode 101 :- UK Track and Trace GDPR breach, Update on Irish Covid Tracking app, Teenage hacks Coronavirus database, RBS data breach, Blackbaud data breach, EDPB BCRs guidance note, Garmin ransomware attack, Free VPN data breach, Instac


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Coming up in this week's episode of the GDPR Weekly Show:

UK Track and Trace system reported to ICO over GDPR breach,

Update on Irish Covid-19 Contact Tracking app,

Teenage hacker infiltrates Western Australia Coronavirus database,

RBS data breach reported by ex-employee,

Blackbaud data breach targets UK, US and Canadian universities,

EDPB BCRs guidance note for UK post-Brexit,

Garmin ransomware attack,

Free VPN data breach,

Instacart data breach,

Couchsurfing data breach,

Never-Consent browser add-on review

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