GDPR Weekly Show Episode 116 :- NHS Covid19 Proximity App, USB Keys, ICO RTB legal action, 150 to every user, Irish Prisons, UK Cabinet Office, BA Marriott lessons learned, Folksam, Growdiaries, South Africa POPIA, India, Slovenia


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Coming up in this week's episode:

NHS Covid19 Proximity App - should you enforce its use in your workplace?

USB Keys and their safe disposal,

ICO RTB enquiry ends abruptly but faces legal action,

Oracle and Salesforce action could result in £150 to every UK Internet user,

Irish Prisons biometric access not complliant,

UK Cabinet Office data breach,

BA Marriott lessons learned on ICO penalties,

Folksam data breach,

Growdiaries data breach,

South Africa POPIA compared with GDPR,

India data protection act takes shape,

Slovenia last EU country to implement GDPR

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