GDPR Weekly Show Episode 128 :- Pimlico Plumbers, EDPB Adequacy, Guernsey, Penalties, adtech, Ireland, Hackney election, East Devon, Ministry of Defence, Amey, Data breach ICO, Caixabank, Bonobos, Pixlr, CPRA, Territorial Reach


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Coming up in this week's episode:

Pimlico Plumbers, Covid19 vaccination and employer's rights,

Which countries does the EDPB consider adequate for GDPR?

Guernsey and UK GDPR adequacy,

GDPR penalties up 39% year on year,

ICO reopens adtech investigation,

Ireland Government and the Mother and Child homes,

Hackney postal electors are asked to register again,

East Devon District Council data breach,

UK Ministry of Defence sees an increase in data breaches,

Amey data breach,

When should you report a data breach to the ICO?

Caixabank fined 6 million euros,

Bonobos data breach,

Pixlr data breach,

A look at California's CPRA,

UK court sets precedent on GDPR territorial reach

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