GDPR Weekly Show Episode 135 :- Medical passports, UK GDPR, Microsoft Exchange, New Years Honours, Williams F1, Avon and Somerset Police, Amca. Adopted children in Ireland, German GDPR penalty overturned, Lost laptop, Extra Territorial GDPR


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Coming up in this week's episode:

Covid-19 Vaccination Passports take another step forward,

UK hints at business-friendly changes to GDPR,

Microsoft Exchange security flaw exposed,

New Years Honours data breach,

Williams F1 2021 car launch interrupted by data breach,

Avon and Somerset Police pay £7000 in damages after data breach,

Amca negotiates damages settlement,

Adopted children in Ireland to be given the right to see full birth records,

German GDPR penalty overturned by court,

Should you notify a lost laptop to the ICO?

Courts challenge the Extra-Territorial scope of GDPR

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