GDPR Weekly Show Episode 197 :- Clearview AI, Twitter, UK MOD, PSNI, GDPR delay, Eurovision, General Motors, Max Schrems, CR Edwards, Optoma Technology, East Tennessee, Data Retention, AI, Ios15


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Coming up in this week's episode: Clearview AI fined by UK ICO after GDPR breaches,

Twitter fined after data breaches,

UK MOD fully cyber resilient by 2030,

Man denied entry to USA after PSNI data breach,

Judge says GDPR delay is ludicrous,

Russian Hackers declare war on 10 countries after failed attempt to disrupt Eurovision,

General Motors data breach,

Max Schrems open letter regarding new EU/US Privacy Shield negotiations,

CR Edwards data breach,

Optoma Technology data breach,

East Tennessee Children's Hospital data breach,

Can you have an EU wide Data Retention policy ?

Beware that automated deicision making can breach GDPR,

Ios15 can install malware even when device is turned off

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