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Geek Life Crisis: Steins;Gate Edition

GLC - Season 3: Episode 2; title: "Hoboing Coma"

Steins;Gate episode 2: "Time Travel Paranoia"


Hello anime fans! Hello Steins;Gate fans! Hello GLC listeners! No longer will we call you prisoners. You have graduated to Assistants! Definitely a step up.

This is somehow season 3 of GLC; and in these 24 episodes we review each episode of a popular anime titled: Steins;Gate. If you've never watched anime, never heard of Steins;Gate, that's fine, neither had GLC cohost, GeekLifeChuck. My goal with this season is to convince Chuck that anime is entertainment worthy of our scrutiny. And make it fun to listen to.

Why Steins;Gate? It's is my favorite anime. It's a fun, time-travel, science fiction adventure. It can be silly, but in the end it's an anime with a lot of heart. The main character reminds me of myself back in the day; king nerd, goofy, kind of annoying; and lucky to be surrounded by great friends.

It will be fun to see/hear Chuck experience the anime learning-curve as I did. Japanese anime culture and terminology; things like: otaku, tsendere, hentai, “Nani???”, maid cafes, fan-service, and... is Dr. Pepper the only soda in Japan??

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