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We talk about the origin story of super-heroes! We majorly geek out over Batman! We connect movies and comics and video games all together and try to give insight into the heroes of each story! We're two regular dudes who enjoy geeky things, but we don't want to spew our own very biased opinions on a mic. We want to give in-depth background on comic book superheroes, movies, video games, and any other topic we like. So if you're a hard-core geek or you just want to make sense who all those unknown characters were in the new Marvel movie, join us! We promise the experience will be... Geek-phoric ;) EXTRA APP LISTENING STUFF: We're starting out, so you may not be able to find us on your phone app. There's a spreaker app that can get you all set up, or copy the following link and insert it in the search bar of your phone app. It worked on PocketCasts, hopefully it works for you!

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