191-"Who Would Win" and "Rideshare" with James Gavsie-Lonzo Starr of Konkret Comics


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Lonzo Starr (https://twitter.com/Lonzo_Starr) on creating Konkret Comics (https://twitter.com/KonkretComics)

James Gavise (https://twitter.com/JamesGavsie) from the “Who Would Win” podcast (https://twitter.com/WhoWouldWinShow) on producing the new audio drama “Rideshare” (https://youtu.be/db12QRcEwP8)

0:00 SEGMENT 1: Lonzo Starr on creating Konkret Comics (https://www.konkretcomics.com/), and the Kickstarter for the latest series of issues (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/konkretcomics/konkret-comics-presents-genesis-year-two)

14:45 SEGMENT 2: Lonzo Starr of Konkret Comics (https://twitter.com/konkretcomics) on reaching a larger audience with Kickstarter

24:51 SEGMENT 3: James Gavsie on being a producer on the audio drama "Rideshare" (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ride-share-ep-1-call-me-keith/id1491254282?i=1000491261926?i=1000491261926) for Digital Sky (https://twitter.com/DigitalSkyPod) and working with actors Eric Martsolf (https://twitter.com/ericmartsolf) and Britt Baron (https://twitter.com/brittbaron)

32:35 SEGMENT 4: James Gavsie on the "Rideshare" audio drama on Apple Podcasts and the motion comic on YouTube.

38:09 SEGMENT 5: James Gavsie answering James’ rapid fire Who Would Win matchups

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