Dark Nights Metal : World's Finest True Believers 38


In this episode, Chris welcomes Eric from the “Legendary Geek Outs” podcast to dive into one
of his favorite comic book arcs, “Dark Nights: Metal”. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo bring us a
story that have been planting the seeds for throughout their epic New 52 Batman run and now
it all comes to a head in this universe shattering, crisis-level event. Beyond our universe
there is the Multiverse... and beneath the Multiverse is a nightmare realm where every
fear that has ever been felt on our Earth becomes reality. Now an evil force as old as
time wants to drag us down into the shadows, into the realm of never-ending terror. But
when the door between worlds opens, it's not just any nightmares that come spilling out.
They call themselves the Dark Knights. Each one is a twisted version of Batman from a
world where one of his worst fears has come true. With the invasion underway and
Batman trapped in the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League must undergo an impossible
quest to find the mysterious metals capable of repelling the Dark Knights and their
master, the fearsome Barbatos. If they fail, everything they've ever known will be
plunged into eternal darkness. But the true horror is... what if they're already too late?
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