The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman 1984, Kraven the Hunter


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Welcome to GeekScholars Movie News presented by LRM Online! This regular podcast features The GeekScholars—Jill, Chris, and Fox—as they discuss a roundup of current happenings in Hollywood!

On this week’s show GeekScholars Jill, Chris, and Fox play Script Doctor and weighing in on::

  • 01:00 – The Batman trailer is what?
  • 04:50 – The Suicide Squad (2) featurette made you feel what?
  • 09:08 – Wonder Woman ’84 villain Cheetah, in new trailer, looks what?
  • 15:09 – Olivia Wilde’s Spider-Woman movie should star who?
  • 19:55 – Sony’s Kraven the Hunter movie should star who?

And then stay tuned to try your luck at our Trivia question this time focused on the the character of Cheetah!

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