The one with Insomnia64 - Part Two


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Extend Mode (Creators of Eight Dragons)

We make PC games.

Insomnia Gaming Fest

i65 coming August 23rd-26th @ The NEC 🎮 | Tickets on sale soon | Brought to you by Player1 Events

Stray Basilisk

Indiedev​s making Steamhounds- multiplayer steampunk JRPG/tactical hybrid. PC/Mac/Linux. Join our Discord to play the prototype!


It’s the part 2 of our visit to Insomnia 64 - held at The NEC over the Easter Weekend.

How Are You 00:00 *Guy goes to a wedding *The rest of us do a movie screening

Keith’s Gaming Tourney Part 1 13:17 It’s Ryan vs Leigh

Interview 26:06 8 Dragons

Keith’s Gaming Tourney Part 2 28:07 It’s Keith vs Guy

Interview 31:13 SteamHounds

Keith’s Gaming Tourney Part 3 28:07 It’s Leigh vs Guy

Mystery Box 38:26 The Team buy a mystery box and appraise its contents

Keith’s Gaming Tourney Part 4 47:08 It’s Ryan vs Keith

Merchant Wander* 52:40 Ryan & Leigh go for a wander

Outro 59:32

Eight Dragons: Steamhounds:

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1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Keith's Gaming Tourney - Part 1 (00:13:17)

3. Interview - Eight Dragons from Extend Mode (00:26:06)

4. Keith's Gaming Tourney - Part 2 (00:28:07)

5. Interview - Steamhounds from Stray Basilisk (00:31:13)

6. Keith's Gaming Tourney - Part 3 (00:36:54)

7. Mystery Box (00:38:26)

8. Keith's Gaming Tourney - Part 3 (00:47:08)

9. Merchant Wander (00:52:40)

10. Outro (00:59:32)

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