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Now we’ve reached the endgame - the team look gaze into the future to see what’s next for the MCU:

00:00 Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer 16:16 What’s next for the MCU? Phase 4 / Fox Merger / Disney+ / Shang Chi 44:00 Fave MCU Movies & Moments so far 01:01:01 Guy’s ‘End Game’ 01:21:07 Outro

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1. Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Review (00:00:00)

2. What’s next for the MCU? (00:16:16)

3. Fave MCU Movies & Moments so far (00:44:00)

4. Guy’s ‘End Game’ (01:01:01)

5. Outro (01:21:07)

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