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Corey B is working on secret stories

Freelance writer; @TalesWindrush co-writer & comics writer: Magic of Myths; Clockwork Watch; Deadlier Than & more. Av by @JennieGyllblad, ban’r by @sergiocalvet

Dan Cornwell

Artist for 2000AD, Rok Of The Reds, Judge Dredd comic. Magician, Physicist, astronaut, woodsman, crabber, millionaire. Not all of the above are true.

Mike Garley

EMMY nominated writer. Adventure Time - The Kill Screen - Samurai Slasher - Our Final Halloween - Wallace and Gromit - This bio.


The official twitter page of Not Another comic Con. Tickets: Email:

stu perrins

British Comic Award nominated writer of Megatomic Battle Rabbit, Clockwork Inc, Whatever happened to the Archetype? and more.

Not Another Comic Con Special

On 03 August 2019, Ryan, Leigh and Keith headed down to Not Another Comic Con, this special show was recorded live.

  • * Intro * 00:00
  • * Dan Cornwell * 10:32
  • * It’s Not Tat Challenge Part 1 - Keith * 12:40
  • * Stu Perrins * 21:02
  • * It’s Not Tat Challenge Part 2 - Leigh * 22:31
  • * Mike Garley * 28:04
  • * It’s Not Tat Challenge Part 3 - Ryan * 29:33
  • * Corey Brotherson * 36:25
  • * It’s Not Tat Challenge Part 4 - Results * 39:41
  • * Outro* 50:32

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Stu Perrins - Writer of Megatomic Battle Rabbit

Corey Brotherson - Writer of Dealier Than…

Mike Garley - Writer of The Kill Screen

Dan Cornwell - Artist on Rok of the Reds

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