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Amnesiac #FBPE

Semi-professional writer of comics: Commando, Amnesia Agents, Frankenstein, Dracula etc, teacher, opinionated. Working on novel about Battle of Arras in WW1.

Chris Sides

Writer. 1/2 of @redshiftpress. HERE & THERE, CLOSE, IMPOSSIBLE, DARK MATTER 1&2, WHISPERING SANDS, assorted indie yarns -

Dan Cornwell

Artist for 2000AD, Rok Of The Reds, Judge Dredd comic. Magician, Physicist, astronaut, woodsman, crabber, millionaire. Not all of the above are true.

Hannah Berry

UK Comics Laureate 2019-21. I’m here to chew bubblegum and advocate for comics, and I just remembered bubblegum is gross.

Jamie Delano

I sometimes write comic books… and novels -

Jed McPherson

Indie comic book writer - TRANSMISSIONS - THE SHOW - DEADBEAT - JACOB.

Platform Comics Winner. Ghostcity Finalist. Top Cow Talent Hunt runner up 2013.

Leamington Comic Con

At @SpaTownComics we’ve been keeping #ComicCon about #comics since 2014 supporting #smallpress and local talent alongside mainstream creators. #LCC #LoveLeam

M. R. Carey

Novelist, screenwriter, comics writer, occasional irritant

olly macnamee

Senior Editor at Co-Director of High Vis Festival

Spa Town Comics - Leam Comic Con 14th April 2018

Not your average #comic book store! We’re the creators behind @LeamComicCon and #LCC2018 is happening on 14/04/18. We keep #comiccon about #comics!

YWJ Entertainment

YWJ Entertainment. 324 likes. This is the creative page for writer Jason Martin.

Here you can get updates on current and upcoming projects and see samples of what’s to come.

Leam Comic Con Special

Geeky Brummie visits the award winning Leam Comic Con on Saturday the 5th October. This comic focused event was held at the iconic All Saints’ Parish Church in Leamington Spa.

The event was headlined once again by John Wagner (Co-creator of Judge Dredd, A History of Violence) and his artist on Rok of the Reds/Gods Dan Cornwell. The event also featured Helblazer writers Jamie Delano and Mike Carey, UK comics Laureate Hannah Berry and many more. This podcast features Panels hosted by Olly MacNamee - senior editor at

* Intro * 00:00

* John Wagner & Dan Cornwell * 1:13

* Mike Carey & Jamie Delano * 27:42

* SmallPress Interviews * 40:06 Jay Martin Jed McPherson Chris Sides Jason Cobley

* Hannah Berry * 44:02

* Outro* 50:32

Check out our YouTube video on site: Find the creators we spoke to below:

Jay Martin -… Jed McPherson - Chris Sides - Jason Cobley - 100 Years to Arras -

A huge thank you to Spa Town Comics for having us at Leam Comic Con this year.


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