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Ryan, Keith and Leigh update you on the future plans of Geeky Brummie, plus a Picard review and more

  • How Are You? 00:00

Keith recommends Daybreak & Documentary Now and is disappointed by TIDAL Leigh recommends BABYMETAL & The Dresden Files and is disappointed by Norman Reedus and his funky foetus Ryan recommends The Wheel of Time series and Xbox game-pass

Picard Review 25:47

  • Picard Review 25:47

  • The future of Geeky Brummie 31:55

What to expect in 2020 and beyond

  • Pop Pops Snotz 49:15

  • Leigh’s Gaming Update 1:08:27

  • The tobacco candle conundrum 1:10:43

  • Outro 1:02:08

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