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In honor of #womensinternationalday and #womenshistorymonth we sit down with Jennifer Markas to learn more about Women’s Jeweler Association (WJA). We dive into WJA’s history, its mission and get to know Jennifer up close and personal. 00:00:00 Are we ready? 00:16:00 We’re going to Disneyland 00:57:00 Introduction to Jennifer Markas of WJA 01:58:00 Where id WJA start? 05:06:00 A common misconception of WJA 06:57:00 What does it mean to be a member of WJA? 08:26:00 WJA connect 11:17:00 What are some of the goals of WJA? 13:49:00 Equal pay 16:38:00 Young female designers 19:20:00 How do people get involved https://www.womensjewelryassociation.com/ 20:23:00 What is going on in March with WJA? 22:08:00 How is it being promoted? 25:45:00 Tell us about yourself 30:11:00 What is your first memory of a gemstone or a piece of jewelry

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