All About Lambs With Julie Lamb


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We made it to New York City in time for New York Jewelry Week and had an opportunity to talk shop with jewelry designer Julie Lamb. From her childhood beginnings in jewelry to the evolution of personal brand. We also have our special co-host @thirdcoastgems joining in the fun. (We apologize for the background noise. At least you get a little sense of the NYC vibe.) 00:00:00 Who is the alpha? 00:25:00 We’re in NYC w/ @julielambny and @thirdcoastgems 01:10:00 What is your first memory with a gemstone or a piece of jewelry? 02:14:00 Give us your life history 05:01:00 Looking at colleges with a metal studio 06:35:00 When did you decide to do you own thing? 07:24:00 Yes, Avon had jewelry 08:49:00 Seeing someone own a piece of your jewelry 10:45:00 Your relationship with @thirdcoastgems as a brand advocate 11:15:00 So you started your own thing? 15:29:00 You took all you learned in Julie Lamb 21:10:00 Your first launch 23:42:50 Nicknames 24:35:00 When did you start using gemstones? 27:17:00 Then came metropolis 35:04:50 We are in the business of selling not buying 40:42:00 What is the future of Julie Lamb?

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