Ancient Times With Lapis Lazuli


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We’ve been away for 6 weeks and we’re all excited to be back at the office! Take a seat as we recap about our quarantine experience and explore the ancient world of Lapis Lazuli. Being one of the oldest gemstones mined, it has an extensive involvement with history and folklore that will lure you in. 00:00:00 Has it really been 6 weeks? 00:29:00 The COVID experience 08:53:00 Ok, we’ve got a gemstone for you—Lapis Lazuli 09:30:00 How long has it been around? 10:12:00 It is a rock! 11:27:00 Its gorgeous blue color 12:53:00 Translucency/ luster/ hardness 13:14:00 What it has been used for 13:23:00 Trade grades and mining locations 15:34:00 How long it takes to mine 17:14:00 A prized procession during ancient time 17:49:00 Citation and translation 18:30:00 Marco Polo 18:56:00 A LOT of history and lore associated with Lapis 19:01:00 Highly favored by the Egyptians 20:24:00 King Solomon 24:45:00 Using semi-precious stones for religious purposes = Egyptian's “Book of the Dead” 28:02:00 Ancient Rome 28:49:50 What it is like in the market today and things to be mindful about when purchasing

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