Aquamarine = The Gem Lore Of Gem Lores


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Jonathan and Brecken explore the world of Aquamarine. The birthstone of March provides unique gemstone qualities and an expansive folklore behind it. Who wouldn’t want to conjure people from the dead, carry a piece of mermaid treasure or ensure a life-long marriage? 0:25.0 Welcome! We’re back in the basement!! (Reminisce about Tucson and meeting Gem Junkie fans) 3:05.0 So aqua, in the barrel family (Birthstone and other barrel gemstones) 4:06.0 Where does the name Aquamarine come from 4:47.0 Gem Lore #1 – Mermaids 5:23.0 Gem Lore #2 – Why was it worn? 5:43.0 Gem Lore #3 – Love 6:28.0 Gem Lore #4 – Cleansing emotional body and open communication 6:48.0 Gem Lore #5 – Long life lover stone 7:21.0 Gem Lore #6 -- Color Energy 8:09.0 Gem Lore #7 – During the Middle Ages 9:00.0 Gem Lore #8 – Meditation 9:25.0 Continue with Gem Lore #6 – During the Middle Ages 13:16.07 King Wenceslas (Brecken sings us a little tune!!! A MUST LISTEN!) 16:56.0 Aquamarine Color 17.25.0 It grows in pegmatites 18:15.0 Cutting Aquamarine 22:49.0 Treatment for Aquamarine

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