Courageous Chrysoprase


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This week we're getting back to our roots and talking about a gemstone—chrysoprase. Its golden-green tone has a rich presence in history and folklore. We also explore its healing properties and its ability to be a beacon of courage through a time of change. 00:00:00 Social distancing 00:55:00 2020 has already had it's high and lows 06:38:00 What gemstone are we talking about? 06:58:00 The meaning of chrysoprase 07:37:00 Crystal structure 08:17:00 It’s colored by nickel 11:21:00 The finest color 12:13:00 This gemstone has a rich history 13:58:00 Storytime – negotiating a chrysoprase 14:47:50 First mention of it 15:07:00 Fun stories of chrysoprase 17:19:00 The stone of Venus 17:35:00 Healing/magical properties 18:20:00 To save those who were thieves, to be hung or beheaded 18:53:00 Romanian folklore 19:49:00 King Frederick VII 19:59:00 Saint Wenceslaus Chapel 20:32:00 Assist you to embrace your courage 21:15:00 Emotional balance

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