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We regularly get asked, “What can I do with a GG? How do I obtain a GG?” We went straight to the source and sat down with Kimberly Overlin, the Dean of Students from GIA. We discuss the nuts and bolts about GIA (Gemological Institute of America), what it offers to students and review career paths that one can obtain. (Recording took place on the show floor of the AGTA Gem Fair. Some of the background noise was able to get reduce but not fully eliminated.) 00:00:00 Losing an episode 00:27:00 Live from the AGTA with Kimberly Overlin from GIA 01:09:00 Tell us a little bit about you and what you do for GIA? 02:44:00 You got your degree and then what? 03:41:00 The unique part of GIA 04:-2:00 When did you start working for GIA 05:11:00 No family background associated to jewelry and paving a path 05:53:00 Education being key 06:27:00 How does one learn/access more information about GIA 07:05:00 Opportunities for scholarship and financial aid 08:24:00 How to search for scholarships through GIA 09:08:00 Campuses 10:47:00 How did you get from recruitment to Dean of Students 12:34:00 Take us through your day 14:08:00 Carlsbad being a different type of campus 14:29:00 What are the career paths that you’ve seen happen? 19:08:00 What was your first memory of a piece of jewelry or gemstone? 23:34:00 Getting your GG through distance education 27:03:00 Why and how did GIA get started? 28:58:00 Value vs. Pricing 31:53:00 What was your first gemstone purchase after getting your GG?

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