Eureka!! We Have Diamonds!!


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Eureka!! We have diamonds!! Jonathan and Brecken finally talk about the #1 gemstone sold –Diamonds! There’s a lot to cover when it comes to Diamonds so this episode will cover some lore, its history and even touch base on the subject Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds. 00:00:00 Intro 00:41:00 Diamonds!!! 01:53:50 Discover the best donuts in the world 02:50:00 Back to our regular scheduled program 😊 03:24:00 The name! Where does it come from? 03:47:50 Earliest references of diamonds 04:31:00 4th Century BC in India w/ diamonds 05:05:00 9th Century and Aristotle and Alexander the Great 07:39:00 600 AD 08:08:00 Lore behind Diamond dust 12:06:50 In Ancient China 12:28:50 1800s demand for diamonds changed 12:48:00 The “Modern Diamond Market” 14:54:50 3 years after the Eureka Diamond 15:23:00 The making of De Beers 16:36:00 From 1871 – 1915 17:59:00 “Diamonds are forever” 19:53:00 What is a Diamond? 21:16:00 The most common habit 24:10:00 Help us answer a question 24:23:00 Let’s talk color!! 25:43:00 Color: order from least rare to rare 26:39:00 Black Diamonds 27:36:00 Let’s talk about the 4 – Cs 27:52:00 Clarity 28.22:00 Color 29:49:00 Cut 30:21:00 Carat weight 31:17:50 Natural vs. Synthetic 36:57:00 Responsible sourcing 38:12:50 Call to ask from you the followers!!

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