Fancy Scientific Metal - SILVER


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We did Gold and now it’s Silvers turn. It is recognized as one of the 7 metals of antiquity and this week we dive into its deep history—from its physical properties to its everyday applications. We even discover the folklore behind why all monsters are destroyed by this precious metal. Come take a listen and even learn how to make it rain with SILVER!!! 00:00:00 Training for a half marathon 01:10:00 Hello . . . SILVER 02:55:00 Transition metal and silver qualities 04:55:00 Why is Silver white? 06:12:00 Silver is the highest electrical conductor 07:25:00 It’s also in mirrors 08:35:00 Silver making contact with Sulfur 09:29:00 To clean off tarnish from Silver 10:10:00 You can plate silver 12:09:00 Silver used in artificial rain making 12:47:00 Medical use to prevent infection 13:45:00 The history of Silver 14:56:00 Cuppelation 15:55:00 Earliest extractions of Silver 17:03:00 Hack Silver 17:28:00 The rise of the Greek and Roman Empire 18:32:00 19th Century with Silver 18:56:50 Into the folklore

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