From Breastplate To Birthstone


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We’ve been busy bees getting ready for trade show season but don’t worry Gem Junkies we haven’t forgotten about you!! For awhile we’ve teased about putting together an episode about birthstones and it’s finally come into fruition. From it’s early biblical beginning to its influence in the jewelry world we delve into its long history. 00:00:00 Take 2. Press Record. 00:24:00 Parle tradeshow line-up 01:28:00 Birthstones 01:49:00 How did it all start? 01:55:00 Biblical – Aaron’s Breastplate 04:27:00 What stones we set up in Aaron’s breastplate 06:50:00 How did we get from breastplate to birthstone? 09:14:00 A developed notion of switching out jewelry every month 10:27:00 Vedic astrological system associated to gemstones 11:25:00 Why are gemstones are connected to planets? 12:32:00 How do we get to the idea of a person always wearing and only wearing a gemstone corresponding to their birth month? 13:49:00 In 1912 – standardization of birthstones 21:05:00 The additions of birthstones 24:20:00 Chrysolite, what? Birthstones associated to zodiac sign. 26:45:00 Birthstones for mother’s jewelry 28:30:00 Parle Xmas story

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