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Today we answer a fans question about gemstone cuts. By no means are we experts on how to actually cut/facet gemstones rather, we’ll discuss the evolution of gem cutting and the different cut styles. 00:00:00 50th Episode 01:01:00 Common Cold 02:15:00 Introduction of Gem Cutting 03:33:00 When do you think humans began cutting gemstones 04:37:00 Bruting 05:38:00 3000 BC 06:41:00 The oldest gemstone used in jewelry 06:59:00 Other gemstones that were easy to manipulate during this time 08:01:50 Middle Ages 09:30:00 Cabochons to harness magical properties 10:37:00 The hunt to get diamonds to sparkle 11:17:00 1380 12:00:00 16th Century 12:25:00 Bruting diamonds 12:55:00 The culet 13:33:00 Hello, single cut gemstone 14:53:00 The gemstone tells us what it can do 16:14:00 Cutting colored gemstones vs. diamonds 16:52:00 Face up shape 19:43:00 The parts of the gemstone 20:32:00 Brilliant cut/variation of cuts/faceting

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