Gems Of The US - Arizona And Arkansas


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Working our way down the alphabet which means we’ve got Arizona and Arkansas up next. These two states bring a plethora of gemmy goodness. 00:00:00 Deck issues 00:58:00 “The United States” 02:10:00 Arizona & Arkansas 03:02:00 Arizona = Turquoise 03:20:00 Rich history in Arizona 03:37:00 State neckwear 05:15:00 First mined in 200 BC 06:06:00 Turquoise legends 06:35:00 It’s found throughout the state 07:31:00 Native American translation for turquoise 08:17:00 Usage with Native Tribes 08:49:00 Healing properties 09:50:00 Famous turquoise mines 12:21:00 Sleeping beauty 14:12:00 Kingman Mine 15:12:00 Other cool gemstones in Arizona 25:37:00 Alright, Arkansas 24:55:00 State gemstone = DIAMONDS! 25:05:00 State flag 25:23:00 Feb. 22nd, 1967 27:02:00 The geology of Arkansas 28:16:00 The discovery of diamonds 29:47:00 The largest diamond found in Arkansas 30:47:00 The start of Arkansas 34:11:00 The early 90’s 35:08:00 The appearance of the diamond in their rough 36:03:00 Average diamond findings 38:25:00 Other gemstones found in Arkansas

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