Gems Of The US - California


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Continuing with our series Gems of the US and up next we have California. A state that encompasses a plethora of gemstones we focus dabble about Spodumene, Tourmaline, and of coarse, it’s state gemstone--Benitoite. It's a big state so it is only fair to recognize these two influential gemstones. 00:00:00 Calimocho/ Kalimotxo 01:58:00 Cookie Monster + Wednesday Addams = Happy Halloween 03:24:00 This week –California 04:41:00 Benitoite 05:16:00 Its discovery 09:10:00 What is it? 12:44:00 Gemstone matrix and removing the crystals 14:40:00 You can visit the site it was discovered at 16:24:00 Cost of benitoite 17:28:00 All other minerals in California 18:10:00 Leading gemstone mined in California 18:47:00 All the Tourmaline colors 18:57:50 Rubellite Tourmaline 19:11:00 The Chinese connection 20:24:00 Spodumene = Kunzite 21:19:00 Highschool drama w/ Kunzite 26:30:00 Color fading 27:24:00 JP Morgan + George Kunz 28:07:00 Other California Gemstones 30:24:00 [SIDE NOTE] What is California’s ranking in the most hated states?

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