Gems Across The US - Alabama And Alaska


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With so many people unable to travel beyond the US border and taking more local road trips we figured now was the perfect time to explore each state’s gemstone. To start things off we’re talking about Alabama and Alaska. 00:00:00 Who’s starting? 01:01:00 Alabama and Alaska . . . cue the states song 03:17:00 Alabama – Blue Star Quarts 03:26:00 Thought it would be something red 03:48:00 1990 04:04:00 But why? 06:23:00 How is it found? 07:32:00 Blue Star Quartz being an oddity 09:22:00 Is there any mining going on in Alabama? 09:55:00 The Lane Cake 12:16:00 Moving onto Alaska 12:43:00 Jade = nephrite jade To learn more about Jade listen to our episode “Stone of Heaven, Hello Jade!” -- 13:16:00 Native Alaskan Inuits and their use of jade 13:27:00 Where is Alaskan Jade found? 14:34:00 First non-native to rediscover jade 15:14:00 [Storytime] The legend of the Jade House. 18:27:00 Jade Mountain 19:36:00 About the man who made the Jade Lamp 20:45:00 [Storytime] The Jade Lamp 25:00:00 Another modern legend 25:27:00 Washington Monument 27:19:0 0 Other gemstones that are being mined in Alaska?

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