Leo Valentine Aka Beyonce Aka John Carter


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Ask and you will receive? You all requested more interviews and Jonathan and Brecken come back with another special guest. You can call him Leo Valentine, the Beyoncè of AGS but we know him as John Carter – President of the American Gemstone Society and owner of Jack Lewis Jewelers. Learn about John’s early beginnings at Jack Lewis his transition into ownership and even some awesome gem junkie banter. 00:00:00 Valentine Drive 00:45:00 Introduction to John Carter 02:01:00 What is your first memory of jewelry? 04:04:00 She wanted to buy a really nice cocktail ring 04:51:00 Tell us about Jack Lewis Jewelers. Tell us about how you get your start. 11:45:50 When did you get an opportunity to buy? --Jack Lewis was the reason to stay and attend Illinois State --Fraternity President and learning about leadership and friendship --Time on the road with Maurice Lacroix 24:35:00 And then you went where? Returning to Jack Lewis 30:37:00 The heart of what AGS stands for 40:42:00 How would you tell someone not involved with AGS to get involved with it? 44:49:00 Talking about what we love 45:47:00 Gem Geek-out Banter

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