Luck Of The Gems


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St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner and to bring in as much luck as possible we explore the lore behind lucky gemstones. Crack open a beer, enjoy some laughs and discover the perfect gemstone to bring you the best luck!! 1:05:00 Juicy Gem 2:49:00 Green. The color of St. Patrick’s Day and Luck 4:40:00 Finding luck in Jade 5:24:00 Luck in birthstones > Zodiac birthstone gemstone 7:41:00 Aquarius = Garnet 8:05:00 Pisces = Amethyst 8:23:00 Aries = Bloodstone 8:50:00 Taurus = Sapphire 9:26:00 Gemini = Agate 9:42.00 Cancer = Emerald 10:02:00 Leo = Onyx 10:27:00 Virgo = Carnelian 10:43:50 Libra = Chrysolite/Peridot 11:52:50 Scorpio = Beryl 12:45:00 Sagittarius = Topaz 13:00:00 Capricorn = Ruby 13:58:00 Optimizing the powers of your gemstone 15:00:00 Do you have a ring you like to wear that brings you luck? 16:09:50 An unlikely stone 21:13:50 Most Famous Stone in Ireland

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