Oh Curse You!!!


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Halloween is here and we couldn’t resist an opportunity to talk about cursed gemstones and jewelry. We go as far back to the legendary Hope Diamond, The Curse of the Delhi Purple Sapphire, The Black Orlov and yes, even a cursed opal. 00:00:00 Garlic Breath 00:41:00 Halloween Special – Cursed Jewelry 01:44:00 The most famous cursed gemstone – The Hope Diamond 02:35:00 It all began in the year of 1666 04:05:00 1678 – Louise the 14th = French Blue 05:02:00 Louise the 15th = Order of the Golden Fleece 05:47:00 Louise the 16th 06:13:00 When things start to go south 07:24:00 And then the stone disappeared 08:03:00 20 years later the Hope Diamond appeared 08:41:00 1812 – Sold to King George the IV and it’s transition to the Hope Family 09:19:00 16 years after the Hope Estate 10:29:00 Getting picked up by Cartier 10:45:00 Attempting to turn it lucky 11:49:00 No hope for the Hope Diamond 12:12:50 The final curse of the Hope Diamond 13:01:00 Cool qualities about the Hope Diamond 13:36:00 The curse of the Delhi Purple Sapphire (aka Amethyst) 14:08:00 A letter from Heron Allen to the future processor of the Amethyst 18:33:00 A curse opal 21:10:00 The Black Orlov

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