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If you’ve been wondering who is often laughing in the background when we’re recording a podcast it’s me, Stephanie Major. Hey Gem Junkies, I’m the producer and marketing coordinator at Parle. We thought it might be time to step up to the mic and for you all to get to know a little more about me. 00:00:00 Hey, @spencerpratt 03:34:00 Happy Birthday Abbey 01:39:00 [Going down a rabbit hole] A look back of the past 02:29:00 The interviews we’ve done 03:14:00 Which one was your favorite interview? 04:47:00 Another interview. . . Stephanie (our podcast producer) 06:41:00 I don’t wear a lot of jewelry 07:20:00 What’s your life story 10:19:00 10 years ago – A BIG YEAR 14:54:00 Never say no . . .fake it till you make it 16:00:00 How did you get to Pocatello 17:36:00 I am done with homeschool 19:11:00 Sh*!, what am I going to do? 21:08:00 A day in the life 22:56:00 A learning curve to get started 23:44:00 A week overview 25:45:00 A personal initiative 26:59:00 Brand Building 27:57:00 Changing the whole vibe 29:57:00 There’s another thing that you do . . .

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