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Getting to know you, getting to know all about . . . Paul! You’ve heard us reference Paul throughout other episodes so its time we put him in the hot seat. Parlé wouldn’t be the same company without him because heck, he manages our whole production team. We learn about his childhood passion for minerals and his journey into his role. Don’t forget to email us at or DM us via FB or IG to ask Paul questions you would like to know about production. 00:00:00 Parlé Spiders 00:43:00 Welcome back, welcome back 01:22:00 Intro to . . . . . . Paul 02:29:00 How long have you worked for Parlé? 03:19:00 Did you come straight out of college? 06:39:00 Instilling cleanliness 06:58:00 Proprietary vs. Secret 07:55:00 Did you ever get to learn how to cut gemstones? 08:21:00 After casting, then what? • Going from geologist to gemologist • Moving into the stone department 12:28:00 Taking a break from Parlé 14:18:00 Coming back to Parlé, in sales . . . . SAY WHAT?!?! 15:30:00 What about your geology background that helps you with gemology? 16:44:00 Where does your passion for geology come from? 18:42:00 Buying together 20:33:00 A day in the life 21:53:00 (Tangent) Farm life: raising Black Angus 23:39:00 A day in the life (continued) 26:46:50 Buying gemstones is fun 27.29.00 What is your favorite gemstone?

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