Phenomenal Moonstone


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Moonbeams and ocean reflections are just a few ways to describe the beauty of Moonstone. This week we explore the world of this translucent yet, opulent gemstone. 00:00:00 That’s an “I” 00:44:00 Moonstone 02:50:00 Why is it called moonstone? 03:43:50 The phenomenon, adularescence 04:31:00 What is moonstone? 06:36:00 Where does the name/word adularescence come from? 07:10:00 Quality factors 08:14:00 Moonstone has two cleavage planes 09:08:00 There are (2) types of moonstone 12:28:00 Moonstone is really a trade name 13:12:00 Where is moonstone found? 13:44:00 State gemstone of Florida 14:23:00 Cultural beliefs with moonstone 16:26:00 Ancient Rome 18:46:00 The lovers stone 19:25:00 The travels stone 20:34:00 Skincare For more information head to:

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