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We’ve covered gold, silver, and platinum. But how do all of these different metals work within the components of jewelry design? We take you through each step of the process from molding to polish and talk about how these metals vary within each step of the process. To ensure we don’t overlook any details we brought in our production manager, Paul Hartman, to join in on the conversation. 00:00:00 Peeing in the pool 00:40:00 All about metals from a jewelry production standpoint 01:43:00 If you would like to get know more about Paul you can listen to his interview here: 02:13:00 Starting out at the beginning of the process – molding 03:17:00 Gypsum used as the investment 04:46:00 What is the casting temperate 06:06:00 Cleanliness 07:30:00 Is there a lot of difference in casting between the metals? 08:10:00 Why do we like using nickel in white gold? 10:41:00 Clipping off the tree 10:55:00 The trunk of the tree 12:48:00 Polish 16:11:00 How long is the process from casting to polish? 18:21:00 Setting 24:38:00 Plating 26:37:00 Durability of silver with tarnish on it 27:60:50 Black rhodium 28:38:00 [Story time] Cyanide bomb 24:43:00 Caustic chemicals involved with metals 31:23:50 What is the most important step in plating? 34:19:00 Wear and durability 36:17:00 Stone in place casting

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