Purpose + Passion With Ben Smithee


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We’re back with another interview from Tucson at the JCK show and continue to delve into the world of career paths within the jewelry world. Behind every brand is a marketing team that helps bring life to its story. We sit down with Ben Smittee, of The Smithee Group, to get to know a little more about him and his passion supporting the future of the jewelry industry. 00:00:00 Worse topic ever 00:29:00 Ben Smithee 01:20:00 What do you do in the industry? 02:57:00 First memory with a piece of jewelry or gemstone 05:50:00 A little background that brought you to support the jewelry industry? 12:45:00 Helping bring out the story that needs to be heard 14:58:00 Women’s Jewelry Association and involvement at the Tucson Gem Fair 15:06:00 What about Gem Legacy made you say “yes” this is soething you want to be a part of? 17:03:00 Gem Legacy providing its way to give back and telling its story. 20:34:00 Educating retail jewelers 22:33:00 Tell me about my twins

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