Raising The Tide With Craig Danforth


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Hello 2020!! For the first podcast of the year we sit down with Craig Danforth from Jewelers Mutual. With all the jewelry received over the holidays we talk about the importance of acquiring a policy for your jewelry, the history of Jewelers Mutual and of course, we get to know Craig up close and personal. 00:00:00 Sea Legs 00:42:00 Introducing Craig Danforth 02:09:00 First memory of a piece of jewelry or gemstone 02:50:00 Take us through your life 03:43:00 How did you get involved with jewelry 04:32:00 The silver run at @tiffanyandco 06:32:00 And then . . . @cartier 07:19:00 What was your favorite part about that job? 08:21:00 Working with GIA 10:52:00 Transition to Jewelers Mutual 11:36:00 The polar vortex of Wisconsin 12:39:00 The “Gem State” 13:01:00 What do you do for Jewelers Mutual? 14:10:00 The history of Jewelers Mutual 18:31:00 How do I insure this? 23:21:00 A care plan through Jewelers Mutual 24:54:00 How to learn more about Jewelers Mutual? 26:22:00 Jewelers Mutual’s involvement within the industry 29:12:00 The gem gallery at Jeweler Mutual 32:47:00 What’s your favorite gemstone?

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