Sapphire Mining At Rock Creek


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We went straight to the source to learn more about Montana Sapphire from the Rock Creek mountains of Montana. We were honored to have a guided tour from Warren Boyd, of Potentate. From the early findings, mining techniques to how they responsibly source Sapphires to ensure many years of sapphires to come. 00:00:00 Who drank all the coffee? 00:47:50 Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back 01:04:00 Introduction to Warren Boyd 01:34:00 Tell us about you first! How did you get here? 02:29:50 How did you get involved with this particular project? 02:59:00 How long have you been actively mining this area? < Some discussion about ethically and responsibly mining> 04:17:50 On-site Water Clarification System 05:07:00 Why is so important in this particular situation/setting? 05:49:00 Why water clarification for the production side? 06:17:00 THE AMOUNT OF SAPPHIRE!! How is that? 07:35:50 Tell us about the percentage of the size of rough that your typically retrieve 08:19:00 What does that mean as the sufficient size to cut and facet? 09:07:00 How does that break down size wise? 09:50:00 What is the average percentage from a rough to a cut stone? What percentage do you retain? 11:05:00 This feels like home 12:45:00 The cows are a coming 13:10:00 The reclamation of the land and a little more history of the mine 15:08:00 Technology advancement in mining 15:56:00 Only mining 5 acres at a time . . .more details about land reclamation 17:41:00 The history 18:23:50 Old timers mined the gullies 19:14:00 It’s not alluvial? 20:04:00 You said that this area is geologically different? 21:10:50 The benefits of looking at historical data and science in order to mine 21:55:00 The longevity of Montana Sapphire 22:46:50 Scalable processing operation 23:09:50 What is your first memory of either a gemstone or a piece of jewelry? 24:21:00 You also have a twin 25:39:00 What is your favorite gemstone? 26:43:60 There is a difference of the deposits within Montana

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