Stone Of Heaven. Hello Jade!


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It's been awhile but Gem Junkies is back! Jonathan and Brecken talk about the heavenly world of Jade. As always, they'll cover the chemical compositions and Brecken favorite the lore and history among different cultures/civilizations. 00:00:00 Getting back into the swing of things 01:26:00 Intro to Jade 01:56:00 Two types: Nephrite and Jadeite 02:26:00 Toughness vs. Hardness 03:03:00 Toughness scale of Jadeite and Nephrite 03:29:00 Jade is just a general term 05:24:00 Lore - Stone for the pain in the side 05:51:00 Nephrite derives from. . . 06:49:50 More history and lore (the juicy stuff) 06:55:00 Tools and weapons 07:04:00 A great appreciation in China 08:01:00 Chinese association with Jade 08:58:00 Butterfly significance in Chinese legend 09:39:00 Jade should be worn to touch the skin 10:31:00 Jade to reflect the life of the wearer 11:00:00 1784 - How jadeite took over 11:50:00 The importance in New Zealand 12:10:00 Nephrite holds a better edge than iron 12:47:00 Using Nephrite to carve out tiki figures 14:03:00 Wizard to source Nephrite 15:34:00 Jade on Central America 16:31:50 16th century with Jadeite 17:17:00 The impact on the Mayan Culture 17:37:50 Major sources for Jadeite 18:32:00 Major sources for Nephrite 18:46:00 Quality and value (color, transparency and texture) 19:04:00 Finest color (Jadeite) = GREEN 19:33:00 Imperial Jade 20:51:00 Transparency 21:36:00 Texture 23:15:00 Jade treatment/enhancement 24:33:00 FUN FACT: How Jade helped out the opal industry 25:16:00 Blind shopping for Jade 25:43:00 Two varieties of Jadeite 26:30:50 Care for Jade 26:40:00 Purchasing Jade = Price

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