Unearthing Brazil With @thirdcoastgems


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Benjamin Guttery, of @thirdcoastgems, was in Idaho and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to record another podcast with him. We sit down and learn about his 14-day excursion unearthing the Brazilian mines--from road trip woes to #birthdaygoals playing with gemstones straight from the source. Pull up a chair and take a listen as we relive this one-of-kind mining experience. 00:00:00 Bobo = silly 00:25:00 Benjamin Guttery of @thirdcoastgems 01:42:00 Gem Junkies OG 03:10:00 Eating in Brazil – Churrascaria 05:08:00 You went as a guest for the government 06:24:00 Brazil is the Outback of gems 06:53:00 Start us out on your tour 08:43:00 Belo Horizonte – one of the largest jewelry cutting centers 09:16:00 A long drive to Ouro Preto 09:59:00 Going into the Gold mines 11:54:00 Imperial Topaz Mines 13:20:00 Cachaca: Brazilian liquor 14:55:00 Imperial Topaz continued . . . 16:35:00 Why Imperial Topaz hasn’t taken off the same way as other gemstones 17:35:00 Gold mining 19:14:50 Government involvement with mining and land reclamation 19:56:00 Itabira and the Belmont Emerald Mines 23:10:00 How long have they been in operation 25:00:00 Birthday at the mines 28:13:00 Iolite in an emerald mine 29:50:00 Learning Portuguese 30:18:00 Sorting process 31:38:00 Governador Valadares – Cruzeiro Tourmaline Mines 34:03:00 Interesting Brazil fact!! 35:13:00 The Saint of Miners 37:24:00 São José da Safira 39:59:00 Benji sized mining gear 41:07:00 Going down the tourmaline mine 51:40:00 Wash plant – piecing back together the tourmaline 52:24:00 Seven Fine Gems Offices 54:38:00 Quick run down of the last week of the trip

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