Increasing access to genomic medicine in diverse communities: What shapes Latinx perspectives on health care incorporating genomics?


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A lack of research on how diverse communities experience genomic medicine and integrate genetic knowledge into their understanding of and decision making around health care has led to disparities in access and utilization of genomic medicine among minority populations. “The data that's been available historically all points in the direction of suggesting that there's going to be substantial hesitance among patients in taking up new forms of genetic testing and that hesitance is rooted in historical worries”, states Dr. Richard Sharp, director of the Biomedical Ethics Research Program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. On this month’s GenePod, Dr. Sharp and Valentina Hernandez, director of integrated nutrition services and collaborative research for Mountain Park Health Center discuss the results of a survey of both Latinx and non-Latinx patients that assessed their decision to pursue genomic risk evaluation in an effort to address this research gap.

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