Episode 19 - CEO of Virgin Hyperloop + the Future of Transportation


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We're back this week with another episode of GenSTEM and we're delivering to your ear holes one of our BIGGEST. INTERVIEWS. YET. We got together with (the now) CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, Josh Giegel. Yeah, you read that right. CEO of Virgin Hyperloop is on the pod. Tune in to hear:

  • What is Virgin Hyperloop?
  • How did Josh get involved with the company?
  • Was he one of the first human riders on a hyperloop test track?
  • How will this technology transform the future of transportation?
  • What massive global affects could hyperloop have? Could this help us become more connected with one another?
  • What is Richard Branson like???
  • When will the first hyperloop be track and open to the public?

All this and more, on Generation STEM!

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